The MLRA would like to thank the City of Kelowna Active Living and Culture Department as well as The Central Okanagan Foundation for the Grant of $1,000 that allowed us to update/reconstruct this website.

The McKinley Landing Residents Association (MLRA) represents and works on behalf of all persons residing within the McKinley Landing community located within the City Of Kelowna’s ‘McKinley Sector’ area.

MLRA’s role is to facilitate interaction and dialogue between the City of Kelowna and McKinley residents. Within the boundaries of the Association, the purposes of the Association are:

  • To raise issues deemed important to the Association’s community, to encourage debate and assess the general consensus on these issues.
  • To promote the common interests of residents to improve the quality of life and environment of the neighborhood.
  • To promote health, safety and welfare of the citizens of McKinley Landing.
  • To proactively facilitate dialogue and interaction with the City of Kelowna, (and as required the Regional District of Central Okanagan, other Associations and levels of provincial and federal government) on matters affecting the present and future livability of the area.
  • To raise money required by the Association to meet its purposes through membership fees, other assessments, donations and gifts, governmental and private grants and other fund raising projects approved by the Association.